As the Top Rated Local® dental office in Palmyra, NY, we are proud to offer comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages at Palmyra Family Dentistry. Our experienced dentists and dental hygienists do everything from routine teeth cleanings and pediatric dentistry to root canals, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontics, dental implants, and more. Whether you are looking for the best dental clinic for your family or if you require a specific type of dental treatment, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our family dental clinic. Contact Palmyra Family Dentistry today to set up an appointment, and browse through our blog posts below for tips and tricks about practicing good oral hygiene, dealing with dental fears and phobias, and more.

  1. How to Ease Dental Anxiety In Kids

    If your child suffers from fear when it comes to visiting the dentist, they’re not alone. In fact, a 2013 study found that 74% of all children suffer from moderate to severe anxiety related to dental visits. In this blog post, we discuss five ways that you can help reduce your child’s dental anx…Read More

  2. A son and father brushing their teeth

    4 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Healthy Dental Habits

    Children often dislike brushing and flossing their teeth, but the earlier they learn dental hygiene the more chance they have of a lifetime of good oral health. If your little one is struggling with their dental routine, don’t worry. In this blog post from Palmyra Family Dentistry, we discuss four…Read More

  3. Facts About Flossing

    When it comes to dental care, flossing is often the form of care that gets looked over. While it can be time-consuming and lead to sensitive gums, flossing is absolutely something that you need to be doing on a regular basis. Whether you’re someone that often skips over flossing or you floss every…Read More

  4. Welcome to Palmyra Family Dentistry

    Welcome to the Palmyra Family Dentistry blog! We plan on using this space to share helpful information about our dental services, as well as oral hygiene tips for a beautiful, healthy smile. Our dentists and dental hygienists are excited to share their knowledge with you, and we invite you to use us…Read More