We Understand Nervous Patients

Knowing that many patients are apprehensive about receiving dental care encourages us to make each patient feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible while receiving dental care. Listening to your concerns and explaining what is going to happen before starting any dental procedures and discussing different methods for making you as comfortable as possible is important to us!

Our dental treatment rooms are equipped with stereo headphones and flat-screen televisions. Reducing the noises patients hear during their dental treatment while relaxing and entertaining them during longer dental procedures is all part of the pleasant patient experience we provide at Palmyra Family Dentistry.

Local Anesthesia

Virtually painless numbing injections occur due to the use of an anesthetic cream that is applied to the gums prior to any injections. This cream numbs the spot prior to the gentle injections, utilizing the shortest, thinnest, sterile disposable needles possible. For any dental procedures that may involve patient discomfort, the treatment will not be started until the area is totally numb.

Oral Sedation

Some patients require medication to help them relax — especially if they have a fear of dental procedures. Sometimes oral sedative medications (pills) such as Valium and nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) is offered. Often after one or more visits, patients develop a trust in our gentleness and can have further dental care without the need of these medications.

Treating Fearful Children

Many times, when providing dental care for young children, a local anesthetic is required to prevent any pain and make them more comfortable. Most often, children are told that their tooth is “put to sleep” during the treatment, never mentioning the words “injection,” “shot,” or “needle.” Most children have no idea that they have had an injection, much less cry or even flinch. Most adults have a similar reaction to most of the dental injections given by our team, which makes their dental treatment or procedure much more comfortable.

If your young child is coming to see us for their first cavity filling, you should not prepare them by telling them what to expect. Most young children have no fear of the dentist or of having a filling, so there is no need to try to “prepare” your child. You may inadvertently pass your own fears to the child, especially if you say any of the words mentioned above.

Our dentists also recommend that you don’t discuss the appointment until the evening before and then simply tell your child that “tomorrow, the dentist is going to fix that problem with your tooth.” If your child asks questions about how, simply let them know that the dentist will let them know how easy it is tomorrow, and end the conversation. Schedule the child’s appointment early in the day, when they are well rested. When your child arrives for the appointment, the dental procedure will be explained to them in terms a child can understand. The majority of children we treat do great and do not shed a single tear!

That being said, we understand your fears and any fears your child might have regarding dental procedures and sedation dentistry. If you have any questions about how sedation dentistry could benefit you or your loved one, speak to any of the professionals here at Palmyra Family Dentistry today.