Quality Dental Care For The Whole Family

Palmyra Family Dentistry is the premier dental clinic in Palmyra, NY, with family and cosmetic dentistry services for patients of all ages. Our dentists have years of education, training, and experience in many dental treatments and procedures, and we are pleased to offer a number of services at our dental office. Scroll down to learn more about our dental services, and book an appointment with us today!

At Palmyra Family Dentistry, we do everything from routine teeth cleanings and dental x-rays to Invisalign, dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, and more. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled dental services for our community, and we invite you to schedule an appointment at our family dental clinic. The following is a list of treatments and procedures offered at our Palmyra dental clinic:

Cosmetic Dentistry
Periodontal Care
Sedation Dentistry
Wisdom Teeth Removal
Tooth Whitening
TMJ Treatments
Dentures & Partials
Root Canal Therapy
Dental Implants

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