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Put off Payment, Not Treatment

The goal of our practice is to provide the highest quality dental care, that’s why we offer CareCredit. Similar to a department store card or gas card, CareCredit offers a low monthly payment plan designed specifically to your dental healthcare needs. CareCredit makes recommended, routine or emergency care easily accessible.

With CareCredit you start treatment immediately and pay over time. CareCredit offers Deferred Interest Payment Plans, if you pay the balance in full within the specified time period, you will not incur any interest or additional charges!

For charges over $300, interest is deferred for the first 6 months.
For charges over $1000, interest is deferred for the first 12 months.
For Charges over $2000, interest is deferred for the first 18 months.
For Invisalign CareCredit offers 24 months of deferred interest.

You will not pay interest or other fees for the specified time period, our office pays for any interst charges during the period. If the balance is not paid in full by the end of the specified deferred interest period (6,12 or 18 months) CareCredit will charge your account interest from the initial transacted amount until the balance is paid off. With either plan, there aren’t annual fees and typically no down payment is required.

CareCredit offers budget payment plans. These plans are designed for larger dental needs which offers a set of APR rate for our patient’s transactions with a longer term to help spread treatment costs over 2,3 or 4 years. This budget payment plan divides your purchase into equal monthly installments with the APR rate included, helping to avoid a large balloon payment in the end. Please ask us for more information if this would suit your needs better.

You can use your CareCredit card for all your dental care needs, as well as any other healthcare providers accepting CareCredit, veterinary offices and RiteAid.
Applying is simple and quick. We can have your application approved in just a few minutes!